Consultancy of growth companies

PinPointers provides consultancy services to companies that wish to grow – both growth companies and mature companies that set new goals!

Business model
Based on internationally recognised models, PinPointers helps growth company to describe their business model. The business model is afterwards developed and rethought so that it supports the company's growth objectives.

Sales plans
The definition of focus segments, sales channels and new sales processes is basic exercises where PinPointers provides consultancy services to growth companies that have to improve their sales skills or mature companies that have to be geared to new growth.

Reseller and cooperative agreements
When the channel strategy is to be executed, PinPointers can contribute to the realisation of what has been agreed, including recruitment of resellers and entering of agreements as well as kick off of the cooperation.

Procurement of capital
When growth companies need capital, PinPointers contributes by preparing investor proposals and by contacting potential investors.

"The process has contributed to the fact that we focus on what is important in order to reach our ambition – growth! We have become aware of our business model and focused on which services we deliver to our customers.

Michael managed to create a sense of security in the process and handled delicate issues with a great sense of situation. He also has huge professional knowledge about management and sales and this contributed to a good and relevant dialogue."

Anders Wind & Casper Stendal