Strategy development

Specialised in strategy development
PinPointers specialises in delivering a valuable strategy process - the strategy process is our metier. PinPointers has been in charge of the strategy development in more that 30 companies - primarily medium-sized companies – see references

Management makes the decisions and is responsible
PinPointers is responsible for ensuring that the strategy process is both effective, innovative and structured and that management is left with an action plan and some objectives to be executed and followed up upon. PinPointers contributes with analyses and experiences from other companies and industries but it is the management of the company and key employees who make the decisions and are responsible for the finished strategy plan.

Customised strategy processes
The development of a strategy process depends, among other things, on the size of the company and its experience in strategic work, resources and ambitions. PinPointers supplies customised strategy processes to companies with 2 employees and 1000 employees across industries and geography but they are all effective, innovative and structured - just ask our customers!

"PinPointers has been a skilful and competent partner and driving force in connection with L'EASY's strategy 2010. PinPointers is very structured and this has helped the executive board and supervisory board through the strategy process with a very satisfactory result, action plans and visions for the future."

Peter Schou Jørgensen