Focus Sessions

In our Focus Sessions, we focus on issues which are the most important challenges for your company or department. Guided by PinPointers, relevant key persons will be inspired, stake their knowledge, structure, prioritise and asses – and at the end of the day, a complete action plan will be ready.

Examples of issues which have been dealt with in Focus Sessions:

• How can we close 3 sales in Q4?
• How can we obtain 10% on the bottom line next year?
• How can we improve the cash flow by 5 million in the second half of the year?
• How can we increase employee satisfaction to 68?
• What can we do differently next year to reach the agreed budget?
• How can we increase the turnover by 25% in 12 months?
• How can we significantly enhance efficiency in our department?
• How can we get from being a "cost centre" into being a "profit centre"?
• What is our ambition and how can we achieve it?

PinPointers uses the well-known German workshop concept "moderation" which has been developed and refined by Neuland GmbH.

“PinPointers' facilitation process worked wonders and was great at bringing diverse perspectives to the fore and structuring them into a bigger picture. The facilitation style hits a perfect balance of authority and pace combined with curiosity and humour."

Hanne Kristiansen