Business model innovation

Pioneer within systematic development of business models
PinPointers was one of the first companies in the world to work systematically with the development of business models based on Alexander Osterwalder's model – later described in the book ”The Business Model Generation”. This intensive work with the business model innovation has provided valuable experience in running the process effectively and innovatively and not least providing insight into the criteria of a successful business model.

It does not have to be academic
In the business model work, it is important to involve the right team of key employees from across the functional areas and with different competences. As the most important employees in these development processes rarely are academically trained, PinPointers has developed processes and methods where focus is on the business and not the academic aspects.

Improve and innovate
It is necessary to describe the business model so that it can be challenged and subsequently developed and improved continuously because new structures, technology, trends and customers require it.

"Michael is very experienced in strategy development and uses a process tool which ensures that the entire business plan of the company is effectively reviewed. Michael has excellent communication skills and he ensures that commitment and ownership is established in the process which is very important in order to later realise the defined objectives."

Carsten Hyldborg Jensen