Vision and strategy process at enVision

EnVision Advertising Agency was founded 18 years ago and has grown into a position as one of the largest and best founded advertising agencies in the country with more than 100 employees and solid black figures on the bottom line.

The company has decided to use this background as the basis of a vision and strategy process which can ensure the change from opportunity driven contracting company to goal-oriented market leader without having to sacrifice the company's values and culture.

Choosing external consultancy services
The agency has its own strategy department but decided anyhow to invest in an external facilitator. This is what Mona Juul, Managing Director, says about choosing PinPointers:
"We constantly advice our customers to use us as external assistance in their strategic development projects. So it was only natural for us to find an external partner to facilitate the process in enVision.
We chose PinPointers because they were able to document competences and insight into guiding us through a vision and strategy process as the one we wanted".

In enVision's case, the preparation of the vision and strategy process was performed in three coherent phases:
As an introduction, the Board had carried out the strategic clarification and prepared the further process.
Afterwards, management, the employees and selected customers have participated in the processing of a number of business critical topics.
Finally, the Board and the Management have specified the results for vision and long-term success criteria. Afterwards, the total management team has defined the short-term objectives and belonging action plans.

PinPointers has been an ideal invisible hand which has carried us through the process and confronted us with our responsibilities as Board, Management and employees.

The result is that we now have a vision and strategy plan which is embedded with acceptance and co-ownership all the way through the company and which result in the actual first step.

I consider it to be really good craftsmanship from PinPointers that they have been able to dictate the structure and the course of the process without compromising our feeling that the conclusions and results of the process are our own."

Mona Juul
Managing Director