Focus on the citizen at Odense Municipality

An entry to Odense Municipality
Odense Municipality is creating a Borgerservicecenter (BSC) (Citizens Service Centre) which can cover the service requirements of the citizens of Odense in one centre.

The organisational challenge
BSC groups employees from five public administrations in the new service centre. If the extreme challenges are added to the many interfaces which the organisation should be able to handle, it is obvious that the handling of such a task will be quite comprehensive.

PinPointers's contribution
PinPointers has assisted with the structure of the planning of the implementation of BSC. The process has included workshops with the management of BSC and project groups as well as employee involvement through a common workshop day with the more than 100 employees from the five public administrations.

Odense Municipality's evaluation:

Dear Niels Erik
I know that you have already heard this several times - but praise from satisfied customers can not be heard too often. Personally, it has been a very good experience to work with you, and the management has several times praised me for my choice of method (the concept manager day and employee day, including the content of the days and workshops) and choice of consultant. All in all (and also with the follow-up session last Monday), this has given an incredible good head start for the further process. I hope that you will get more assignments on the basis of this and that we will be able to work together again.

Trine Andersen, Odense Municipality, the reform bureau