Strategy process at Nørgård Mikkelsen

PinPointers has once again assisted one of Denmark's leading advertising agencies in their strategy work.

During the spring and the summer of 2007, PinPointers has assisted the advertising agency Nørgård Mikkelsen in their strategy process. Managing Director Erik Laumand about the cooperation with PinPointers:

Statement about our strategy/organisational development project with PinPointers:
Being a company that lives on selling consulting services, we find it rather difficult to buy consulting services - and we do it very rarely.

PinPointers sold the process stating that they would not come up with wise solutions but that they could help us to find the wise solutions in their capacity as process consultants.

That is what we bought and that is what they have delivered.

Michael and Niels Erik have skilfully and with a huge sense of situation as well as plain tools directed us through the process, and we have reached a result which most people are satisfied with and will support.

Erik Laumand
Managing Director