New strategic plan

During the past three years, the service department in Region Southern Denmark has been working on a strategic plan, and the results are very good. Three years ago, the department was a new department in a start-up phase. Today, this situation has changed – we are a well-functioning organisation with the purpose of setting new goals.

We used PinPointers three years ago to guide us through the process towards a strategic plan. We have now once again chosen to use PinPointers to help us prepare a new strategic plan. A very significant reason why we have decided to use PinPointers again is the methods and tools they apply. By using these methods and tools, the employees are involved in the goal setting process and as a result they feel ownership of the results.

Both employees and management have been very pleased with the results which we have achieved in cooperation with PinPointers.

Henrik Heissel
Head of Service
Regional Secretariat, Service Functions