New strategic direction

Buanco is a company which has existed for almost 40 years. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of hardware and software solutions primarily within access control and time recording, and the solutions have often been tailored to the individual customer. In recent years, payment systems, for canteens primarily, have been an important product in the portfolio, and the company has recently taken over the sale of the fog generator SmokeCloak on the Danish market.

As a result, it became necessary to review the current situation of the company and prepare a strategic direction which, among other things, was based on the decisions made in recent years. For this purpose PinPointers was engaged to be in charge of the process as an independent, external partner. It was important that an external partner was involved in the task in order to challenge both employees and management and also to be in charge of the process and to focus on the progress.

The result was a specific action plan including target and timing and the employees, who were involved in the entire process, now have ownership of the plan which means that the level of understanding the decisions made is much higher. PinPointers managed both the process and the reporting in a very professional way and with a qualified handling of relevant methods and models, Buanco is now the owner of a thoroughly prepared document which can be used as a strategic milestone for the coming years.

Erik Mønster
Managing Director