Innovative product development at Diageo plc

Diageo's headquarters, Park Royal, in the heart of London is also the domicile of the group's Innovation Department. From here the product and brand development of Diageo's many top brands is controlled.

As part of a new innovation strategy, Diageo has involved PinPointers as an external facilitator with specialist expertise within customer-related development workshops. During 2005, we were responsible for the implementation of a number of Innovation Workshops in London.

The preliminary feedback from Diageo has been very positive:

“PinPointers' facilitation process worked wonders and was great at bringing diverse perspectives to the fore and structuring them into a bigger picture. The facilitation style hits a perfect balance of authority and pace combined with curiosity and humour.

I would highly recommend using PinPointers again – especially for the stage where we need to uncover opportunity areas and when the information for this sits with a wide range of individuals. Additionally, PinPointers could be used for contentious topics that require team resolutions and clear actioning.”

Hanne Kristiansen, International Innovation Manager, Diageo plc