Internal communication at Fredericia Municipality

PinPointers was pleased to be able to contribute with the structure for the day when the top management of the Ældreområdet and 30 district managers met. The objective was to prepare common guidelines for the internal communication in the Ældreområdet.

In an intense course of 4 hours, district managers and management gave input to the positive and forward-looking communication at the Ældreområdet in Fredericia Municipality. This input was structured and prioritised to give the information department the possibility to formulate a "constitution" for the communication of the Ældreområdet.

In addition, input was given to the work group which is to structure the information flow of the management forum which in the future will become the meeting place for the electronic communication of the district managers.

Mary Larsen, Information Manager from Fredericia Municipality had the following evaluation of the process:
"I was pleasantly surprised to experience how PinPointers's methodical approach made it possible to involve such a large group of managers and to create a common ownership of the communications "constitution".

To experience how the preparatory work prepared in the Information department and by the management of the Ældreområdet was transformed into a structured plan for the day which gave such a large effect in the work of the large group was very impressive".