Development of strategy plan at EG

EG has used PinPointers as external consultancy company for the development of the company's strategy plan, Ahead 2007.

Thanks for your help!

It has been a great help for us to use PinPointers as external consultancy company in the development of our strategy plan Ahead 2007.

We decided to use PinPointers as process consultants for two reasons:

First of all, it was important for us to find an external advisor that was able to guide us in the right direction during the process without affecting the strategic content. Previously, we have had the privilege of using PinPointers's method for such strategic problems in our organisation. It was also a great help to use PinPointers's method during the development of Ahead 2007.

Secondly, it was important for us to have access to an advisor who was both able to maintain and structure us in the Management, during the first phase of the process and who at the same time was able to involve our management and employees in the subsequent implementation phase.

In the second phase, PinPointers showed the ability to balance diplomacy and challenge of our organisation in such a way that they did not only implement the strategy but they also created ownership to the subelements in our organisation.

Finally, we have often smiled because of PinPointers's low-technological tools (moderation walls, pen and paper). However, I must confess that in a process such as this one, the efficiency of the tools is impressing.

Bjarne Aarup
Managing Director