Cutting Edge

When medium-sized companies choose ERP in future, focus will increasingly be directed on the total transaction costs in the process.

It is a huge advantage that the transaction cost is reduced considerably but the largest advantage is that everybody does what they do best - the company describes and develops its business and business model and the supplier implements the processes which supports it.

In the classical purchasing process, the costs often become too high and they have not been justified by a larger certainty that you have made the right choice - and this element of security which today makes the companies choose this procedure could be obtained in a better and less expensive way in a re-thought process.

It is not unusual that the purchasing process wears the parties out before they get started. In a medium-sized company and at the suppliers who deliver to them, the organisations are not big enough to have one team of employees standing in front of each other in the selection process and afterwards a new and motivated team which is to work together during the implementation project. The same people from both sides will often be involved in the same process. And preferably they are top motivated to start the actual task!
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